Thinking about fostering a rescue dog?

It takes a special kind of angel to help those in need -- especially those without voices. Our foster caregivers are among the best.


When you foster a dog, you agree to take him/her into your home and give him/her love, care and attention until we find his/her "forever home". Our rescue group doesn't have a physical shelter, and so we depend on our foster caregivers to  bridge the gap between when a dog is rescued and adoption.


Why should I foster?

Fostering a dog is one of the best feelings ever (other than adopting one!) By giving a temporary home to a rescue dog, you're giving your foster pup the time he needs to adjust to a home situation before he is adopted. You're helping socialize him/her, and possibly getting him/her used to other pets and different types of people. You're providing a chance for him/her to see "the good life" and get used to the fact that his/her life has changed for the better - with all his/her needs taken care of, and in a safe and caring environment.


What do I need to do to prepare for fostering? has a great article on how to prepare your home for fostering. The article can be found at There are other articles as well, on topics such as "Fostering Dogs with Cats in the House", "How to Be the Best Dog Foster Parent" and "How to Let Go of Your Foster Dog" (because you can get pretty attached to the little guys!) These can be found at


If you are interested in joining us as a foster caregiver, please click the button to fill out the form, and return it to us at

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Sad dog in a cage waiting to be fostered
Sad dog in a cage waiting to be fostered