Interested in adopting?


You are about to make a very important decision. Owning a pet means a lifetime of one of the strongest bonds we humans can have - and it also means a lifetime commitment.


Are you ready, willing and able to provide essentials such as a balanced diet, equipment, licensing, socialization, vaccinations and veterinary care? It seems like a lot to take on - but take our word, the love is worth it.


The adoption process at Lucky Paws takes several stages:


1.  Adoption Questionnaire

When you have found an animal you are interested in adopting, you will fill out and submit the online adoption questionnaire. The application provides Lucky Paws a lot of details about your family's situation, lifestyle and expectations, as well as specific questions surrounding what you're willing to provide for housing, diet, enrichment and socialization, training and veterinary care.


2.  Conversation

Once we have gone through your application, one of our volunteers will be in touch to have a conversation with you to find out a little more about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a companion animal. We can also offer advice about care and behaviour training at this time, and give you more detailed information about the dog in which you had inquired. This gives us a good sense of whether this dog will be a good match with you, to ensure that both you and the dog will be happy together.


3. Meet and Greet

If the Lucky Paws volunteer feels you'll be a good match for the dog, we will introduce you to him/her. This usually takes place at the foster home where the dog is staying, so that you see how he/she is in a familiar environment, and so that we can observe the potential adopter's handling of the dog. It is a good idea to involve all members of the prospective adopter's household in this meet and greet.


4. Finalizing the Adoption

If everything goes well at the meet and greet, and both you and the adoption counselor feel that the animal is a good match for your home, the adoption will be finalized.


Adoption Cost: $300 for adult dogs, $250 for puppies, plus 150$ spay/neuter and training deposit on puppies under 6 months.


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